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cuarto creciente

Fernanda Pérez, Birth & Mexican Traditional Post Partum Doula
Student at APPPAH, Pre and Perinatal Educator.


In my experience as a Doula, the most wonderful part of being part of your sacred experience is by far the relationship that we can build together, so this web site is my first impression letter for you.

Born in lands of wisdom, magic and colour, my endearing México, daughter of  witches and raised by wise nomads. 

Following my heart and instincts, I traveled with my beloved to Melbourne, Australia eight years ago, where just the Universe knows why here. 

I started my Doula journey more than six years ago, between a women´s circle named "Dial a Doula" where they gift me their most valuable knowledge about the sacred and miracle stage for women - Pregnancy, Birthing & Postpartum - Amazed by this new consciousness, finally I found something that awakes that kind of energy that drives you into passion, I got in touch with the inner Goddess that was hiding in my cells, ready to empower women in their most amazing journey and creative energy.

Continuing my new path in life, I became part of an amazing organization Birth of Humankind as a volunteer doula, where we have the great opportunity to support women with different backgrounds and stories.

In 2017, I became an activist of my own believes, in the comfort of my home, surrounded by powerful social support and lovely warmth environment, I embrace my experience giving birth to the most beautiful baby girl.

Today, empowered by motherhood, I´m a stronger birth and  Mexican traditional postpartum doula to support you, Cuarto Creciente is now a new space created just for you.


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Birth Doula

What can I do for you?
We will meet during your pregnancy to discuss your birth preferences, provide education, teach you comfort measures, talk through any fears or anxiety and so much more!



Postpartum Care

Postpartum it´s a stage to think and talk about it. Based on my traditional Mexican Medicine and the knowledge and wisdom of my indigenous people, I will bring you in a sacred space of healing, re-connection, and to embody the transition to motherhood.

Blessing Away Ceremony

A blessing away is a circle of loving women who gather together in a beautiful and unique way to honor, nurture, and support the process of transformation from

maiden to mother.


Breathing in, I know I am a great mother.

Breathing out, I AM a great mother!


My Home Birth
April, 2017.
Sharing my story through this video. Listen & trust your body, you are a stronger woman, more than you can even imagine.

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