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Handwoven 100% cotton .  Ring Sling Baby Carrier . High Quality traditional Rebozo.

Rebozo Cobalt Red

Artisans from Santa María del Río community

Elaboration time: 1 month

Time of elaboration of knotted fringe: 30 days

100% Cotton

Width: 80 cm

Length: 190 cm + 30 cm fringe each side

Can hold babies from 3.5 up to 15 kilos

Rebozo. Cobalt Red

  • This fine rebozos are meant to last a lifetime, the fabric will not get loose through the superior quality than other fabrics, represented by higher thread counts in woven fabrics.

    This method of Babywearing, bringing babies very close to the parents' body is very practical, it leaves us free hands to be able to do anything, giving the baby the same soothing comfort as being held  in your arms. The rebozos distribute the weight very well in the back, so we will be comfortable and, at the same time, will allow us to rest our arms.

    Provides security. Porters who carry their babies attached to their bodies feel more confident and confident because they will be able to recognize the baby's signals more quickly and identify them (sleep, hunger, fatigue ...).

    It benefits breastfeeding. Carrying the baby around causes the mother to secrete oxytocin, which favors the rise of milk and a good establishment of breastfeeding. It also prevents postpartum depression, since direct contact increases the level of other hormones, such as endorphins.

    Rings are SlingRings brand, non-welded, lead free, nickel free, and toxin free Aluminum.

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