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Saturn blouse is made with 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton, naturally gentle on your skin it gets softer and softer with the use!

Saturn blouse was designed with buttons on both sides for functional nursing & without having to lose style, comfort and most importantly without feeling exposed when nursing in public. Bump friendly, lots of room to expand!


Loose fit - Size:


Chest: 37”

Length: 22”front  26”back

(Mama on pictures wearing S)



Chest 39”

Length 23”front  27”back



MADE TO ORDER - send us an email!

Color: Sky blue (or made to order sky blue with white stripes)


Ethical closet:

Manufactured in Vancouver with sustainable materials.  Machine wash cold/warm with similar colours. Tumble dry (low heat) or hang dry, iron medium temperature. If treated with proper care, you should be able to enjoy it for many years (breastfeeding or not!) or you can always pass it with love to future mamas!


Breastfeeding friendly - Handmade & Ethically produced - Slow fashion


Organic Cotton:

Certification: Made from GOTS Certified organic cotton yarn

Starting from untreated, natural seeds, organic cotton is grown without synthetic fertilizers. Organic cotton crop rotation and composting maintain the health of naturally moist soil by creating a biodiverse, balanced ecosystem.  As a result, organic cotton plants are more resistant to pests and disease and therefore eliminating the need for the use pesticides which are often suspected to be carcinogenic or neurotoxic.

As a result of the cleaner growing process, farm workers are afforded a healthier work environment and the resulting uncontaminated plant waste can be used for other purposes - feed for livestock, oil production, etc.


Hemp textiles are made from industrial 'cannibus sativa' fibers.  Hemp plants grow very quickly, without the use of chemical herbicides or pesticides and produce high yield commercial crops which optimize both land use and available resources.  Hemp also returns a significant amount of the nutrients it takes from the soil leaving it rich and ready for new crops.

Exceptional tensile strength, naturally hypo-allergenic, offering UV protection and with the ability to help with thermo-regulation, hemp textiles are multipurpose and multi-functional.

Saturn Blouse - Hemp

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